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Hello, My name is Marc.
I'm Scrum Master at Worth Internet Systems based in the UK.
I'm passionate about Agile practices and coaching.


I have a solid technical background in front-end development. From my technical role and team leading experience I naturally transitioned into the Scrum Master role, which offers me the privilege of helping teams and individuals get the best out of themselves and deliver awesome work.

I gained a lot of experience and insights in leading, coaching and teaching technical and creative teams. I regularly share some of my insights on Medium. Want to know more? Feel free to connect and get in touch.

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me in front of Yodobashi camera store in Kyoto

I'm curious by nature and always looking into picking up new skills. Besides my professional interests in digital design and media, I also enjoy playing around with photography, watching documentaries or following a masterclass, listening to music, and of course (being Dutch) cycling! either for daily commutes, social rides or getting my hands dirty on a bike build.