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Hello, My name is Marc, I'm a Dutchman living in Dublin, Ireland. I am an experienced Scrum Master with a strong background in Frontend development.


My interest in Front-end development started in the early days of the web, around the time that Jeffrey Zeldman published the excellent "Designing with Web Standards". During a decade of developing in agile and creative environments I discovered a growing interest towards the processes behind the production work and the interactions between people with different skills and backgrounds.

The last few years I had the honour of working together with the very talented people of Momkai, a digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. Here I've been contributing to award winning e-commerce projects like Bugaboo and, more recently, VanMoof. Leading small agile teams in close contact with these clients allowed me to grow my experience as a scrum master.

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Marc trying out his new camera in front of Yodobashi camera store in Kyoto

I'm curious by nature and always trying to immerse myself into picking up new skills. Besides my professional interests in agile coaching, webdevelopment, webdesign and digital media, I also enjoy playing around with digital photography, watching documentaries or series, listening to music, and of course (being Dutch) cycling! either for daily commutes, social rides or getting my hands dirty on a bike build. Want to know more? Feel free to connect and get in touch.