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Hello, My name is Marc, I build online experiences. I specialise in standards-based, responsive webdesign. I believe in a "less is more" philosophy, hand-crafting clean and minimalistic markup with an eye for detail to build elegant and user friendly interfaces.


I started Front-end development a long while back around the time that AJAX was introduced, Jeffrey Zeldman published the excellent "Designing with Web Standards" and (the not so excellent) IE6 was the default browser. A lot has changed since then.

For about 3 years now, I had the honour to work together with the very talented people of Momkai, a digital creative agency based in Amsterdam. Here I've been working on award winning projects like Bugaboo and, more recently, VanMoof.

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me in front of Yodobashi camera store in Kyoto

I'm curious by nature and always open to learn, besides my professional interests in webdevelopment, webdesign and digital media, I also enjoy playing around with digital photography, watching documentaries or series, listening to music, and of course (being Dutch) cycling! either for daily commutes, social rides or getting my hands dirty on a bike build. Want to know more? Feel free to connect and get in touch.